Bamboos, Grasses & Ferns

Bamboos, being evergreen, are excellent at screening and because they are happy in pots they also make good statement plants. Some, like the Fargesia murieliae are tall and graceful, others such as Sasa tsuboiana with its large, showy leaves are good ground cover. Our extensive collection of grasses reflects the popularity of prairie planting, all are happy in sun and some like the golden oat grass, Stipa gigantea bear architectural fountains of golden seed heads whilst others like Festuca glauca form low hummocks of blue grass.

We have a shaded area dedicated to ferns many of which are evergreen and all of which will bring a dark corner to life. The new fronds of the sunset fern, Dryopteris lepidopoda unfold in tender pinks and coppers as their name suggests or pick Asplenium scolopendium a pretty little native with small, glossy evergreen fronds. See below for a further selection from our range of bamboos, grasses and ferns.

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